Donation Based Yoga in Miami

Nago yoga’s mission is to make yoga accessible and available to persons of all incomes and abilities.  Yoga is beneficial for everyone of all ages, physical abilities, including seniors, pre-natal women, and advanced yoga students.

Yoga is beneficial for everyone because of the inherent healing powers of this discipline and yet, yoga is not available due to the cost of classes.  Nago yoga makes yoga available to persons of all incomes and abilities by offering donation based yoga classes and modifed yoga poses for people of different physical abilities.

At Nago yoga we believe that the entire community can benefit from a yoga teacher that offers an affordable way to focus on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness as a means of providing balance to enrich their lives.

Nago yoga is dedicated to serving the needs of each indivdual that comes through our doors.  We embrace diversity and welcome everyone to come as they are, without expectation. Our desire is to make classes available at little or no cost to those who could otherwise not afford to experience them.

At Nago yoga, we want to help you on your yoga journey. This is for everyone!!  Yoga can be affordable and accessible. Give what you can.

The application fee for one year is $20 and all classes after the application fee are donation based.



Nago Yoga Work Shop In Miami

Nago Yoga at the Little Haitian Cultural Center Saturday and Sunday
2121 NorthEast 59th Terrace Miami, Fl 33137
Saturday August 18, 2012
12pm-1:30pm                  Nago Yoga
1:30pm-3pm                    Haitian Drumming and Dance/Matisou Legba
3pm-5pm                          Haitian Horn-RaRa/Vodou Lakay
5pm-6:30pm                    Haitian Dance/Peniel Guerrier
 Sunday August 19,2012
1pm-2:15pm                       Nago Yoga
2:30pm-3:30pm               Haitian Traditional Song and Dance
3:30pm-5pm                      Performance Workshop
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FAQ Nago Yoga

  • Q:  When should I arrive for class?
  • A:   Arrive 10 minutes before class, especially if you are a new student.
  • Q:  I’m out of shape and/or inflexable,  will yoga be to hard for me . Can I still take yoga?
  • A:  Yes. It is never too late to impove your health or flexability. In a yoga class, everyone is at a different level, and Janet will give you modified asans. Please let Janet know if you have any injuries or limitations.
  • Q:  What should I bring to class?
  • A: Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.  Bring a mat if you have one and a water bottle if you need one.
  • Q: Can my child take yoga?
  • A: Children under 14 can take yoga with their parents free of charge. However, children must stay in the yoga studio and not disrupt others.
  • Q: Can I take yoga if  I’m pregnant?
  • A: Yes. Janet is a certified RN and is able to teach pre-natal yoga. However, it is recommended you consult with your physician before beginnning any new exercise program during pregnancy.

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Welcome to Nago Yoga

Keep Checking back here for class schedules and workshops with Janet Meier. Yoga instructor in Miami Beach.

Join Janet on Cinco de Mayo or  May 5th, 2012 for a Nago Yoga workshop at the Haitian Cultural Center.